Services Offered

Cost Analysis

We perform a thorough examination of your company's current expenses across various categories such as telecommunications, technology infrastructure, software licenses, and other operational costs. The goal is to identify areas where your organization may be paying more than the market rate for services and products.

Strategic Recommendations

Following the audit and assessment, the we provide recommendations on how to optimize costs and improve vendor relationships. This might include negotiating better terms with existing vendors, or switching to more cost-effective alternatives, or identifying inefficiencies in the use of resources.

Vendor Score-Carding

We assess the performance and value delivery of vendors against predefined metrics and benchmarks. Score-carding helps you understand which vendors are providing value for money and which may not be meeting the expected standards. This can inform future negotiations, contract renewals, and procurement strategies.

Implementation Support

We offer services beyond just providing an audit and assessment, namely providing support in implementing the recommended changes. This can range from assistance in vendor negotiations to project management support for transitioning to new services or providers.

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